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VIDEO: Training local carpenters to build disaster resilient shelters

Rebuilding after disaster is a crucial period in which communities can reinforce their shelters and prepare for future risk. But in many cases, without sufficient funds, skills and experience, self-recovery methods often turn towards ‘building back worse’.

After Typhoon Haiyan, communities began to quickly rebuild their homes with limited skills and know-how of disaster risk reduction construction methods. In order to strengthen guidance on affordable and safer shelter, UN-Habitat in partnership with Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC), and Iloilo People’s Habitat Foundations Inc. (IPHF), conducted a 3-day workshop for 58 carpenters and masons from 32 communities in Roxas on “Practical and Affordable Disaster Risk Reduction Measures for Self-builders”.

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Update: See a letter of appreciation from the Social Housing Finance Corporation to UN-Habitat


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VIDEO: More journals from the field

Climate change is a global phenomenon, but certain population groups and communities are more severely affected by its impact. UN-HABITAT Project Coordinator, Priscella Mejillano, explains how and why these groups are vulnerable to climate change, and proposes possible solutions.

Despite warnings from local officials, Typhoon Haiyan surprised many coastal communities when it swept across the Philippines on November 8, 2013. The disaster caused unimaginable devastation.