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Mapping out the future

COMMUNITY MAPS Local officials and community leaders present UN-Habitat with detailed maps of damages caused by Typhoon Haiyan

As UN-Habitat’s Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Response team makes its way across the severely damaged terrain left in the aftermath of super typhoon Haiyan, affected communities are coming forward with their own personal damage assessments.

Forty-two maps drawn by hand by several barangays (communities) across Iloilo province in Region VI of the Philippines detail each home in the community, the extent of damage, and other landmarks in the area. Their supporting visuals and first hand accounts have been instrumental in UN-Habitat’s damage assessment, which will form the basis for implementation of coming projects and programmes.

“The process encourages local and community ownership of the assessment results”, says Reneiro Flores of UN-Habitat.

UN-Habitat has been actively surveying disaster affected areas and interviewing local officials and communities to understand the scope of the devastation. The maps will be vital in helping UN-Habitat assess the needs of each community. “The tool is location-specific and damage-category specific. It provides a detailed assessment of the situation and needs”, says Flores.

UN-Habitat will continue working with affected communities to provide critical support and technical expertise on building back safer shelters and settlements.



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