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Guiuan: First struck by Typhoon Haiyan, again by Tropical Depression Lingling

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Guiuan was the first municipality to be hit by Haiyan.  Caught directly in the centre of the storm, Guiuan experienced wind gusts of nearly 380 km per hour (235 mph), and sustained wind speeds of 315 km per hour (195 mph).


Soon after the typhoon struck and in preparing for a long road towards recovery, Guiuan’s local government requested UN-Habitat to assist with transitioning from an emergency phase, to recovery and sustainable development.  Nearly 1400 people were temporarily relocated after Haiyan, many who were now residing in temporary make-shift tents unable to withstand the elements.

Heavy rains brought on by Tropical Depression Lingling

Barely recovered from the effects of Typhoon Haiyan, Guiuan experienced additional rainfall caused by a tropical depression (Lingling) last week. 30% of emergency shelter tents reportedly collapsed, causing families to evacuate to vacant bunkhouses and warehouses. This highlights the need to provide more durable and resilient housing for those affected by Haiyan and still living in disaster-prone areas. The Municipality of Guiuan and UN-Habitat are currently co-leading the Guiuan Recovery and Sustainable Development Group, ensuring that the humanitarian assistance in Guiuan supports long term sustainable development and urban planning.

To see pictures of the Guiuan Recovery and Sustainable Development Group in action please visit our photo gallery.


Author: UN-Habitat Philippines

This is the official blog of the UN-Habitat's response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

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